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Avenues Chicago (June 2008)

Last Visited June 2008
Visited Multiple Times No
Comments Chef Curtis Duffy formerly sous chef of Alinea led a talented team at Avenues that rivals Alinea for the best table in Chicago.  I admire chef Curtis refocus on the ingredients and apply his innovative technique where it make sense while not losing his audience with overly technique driven cuisine.  Dishes from this tiny kitchen (comparatively) shine forth like gemstone of different color, clarity and cut. (I mean flavor, texture, technique :) )  I am looking forward to visiting Avenues again very soon.
Most Memorable dish(es) English Pea with prosciutto, shunkyo, wild lettuces; Wagyu with smoked coconut, white shoyu, african blue basil;
Website http://chicago.peninsula.com/pch/avenues-restaurant.html











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