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Welcome to my food and wine blog.  It is a personal culinary journal and a collection of experience over the past two decades from notes that were taken one restaurant at a time.  My very first food journal started with a meal at Chez Panisse back in 1994 and that epiphanic experience swirled into a passion for good food.  From that first tiny piece of hand scribbled note on a wrinkled paper napkin, to now a digital database with thousands of pictures capturing many fond memories, it is a great passion of mine and I am here to share this experience with friends.  In general, I try to be as objective as possible by giving merits to consistency, authenticity, proper execution, finesse/attention to detail, and creativity. (My food rating standard is inspired by the folks from Gastroville)   Even though I am trying to assess the quality of each restaurant primarily based on the quality of the food, it is difficult to ignore other complementary elements like: warm and professional service, nice decor, a good wine list and their collective contribution to the enhancement of the overall dining experience.  After all, it is about the dining experience, right?  Some of my 2-3 star restaurants served heavenly food in very humble environment but their food absolutely merits the same respect as much as others in much more grandeur settings.  Many of my favorite restaurants are also some of the best street food I have experienced.  Part of their appeal is also because they are really really good soul satisfying humble food.  Enjoy my blog and good eats!